Thomas Richard Stokoe – The Career Officer

Thomas Richard Stokoe, cornwalls regimental museum
Thomas Richard Stokoe

Thomas Richard Stokoe was a career soldier who was commissioned into the DCLI in 1892.  At the outbreak of war in 1914, he held the rank of Major, commanding the Depot at Bodmin. In 1915 he took command of the 6th Battalion DCLI, travelling with them to France on 22nd May 1915. He commanded the Battalion during major battles of WWI, including at Ypres, and Arras as part of the 14th Division.

He was injured at Hooge by a trench mortar on the 24th July 1915 but re-joined the Battalion in February 1916, going on to command them at the battle of the Somme and Delville Wood. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Order (DSO) ‘for distinguished service in the field’, in 1917.

Thomas Stokoe died in Rock, Cornwall on the 23rd July 1948 age 76.  Their son Thomas Michael Stokoe served with the 5th DCLI during the 1939-45 War as Temporary Major.