Proud to be Dog Friendly!

Spingo the museum dog at Cornwall's Regimental Museum, a dog friendly attraction.

Here at Bodmin Keep we are proud to be a fully dog friendly attraction. Dogs are welcome throughout the museum, wherever our visitors are allowed. We’re always pleased to see your four-legged friends enjoying a day out!

The museum is home to three office dogs – Django, Spingo and Nessie.


Meet the Museum Dogs!


Mary & Spingo

Spingo our museum dog and Mary the museum director sitting on the war memorial with the museum in the background
Spingo, museum dog and Mary, museum director, taken in 2016


Mary and Spingo - Cornwall's Regimental Museum
All aboard! Mary and Spingo are off on an adventure!
Private Spingo during Living History weekend in the museum's ww1 guard room
Private Spingo in the guard room during the museum’s Living History weekend.



Mary may be the museum’s Director, but it’s clear that Spingo is the real boss.  Spingo is small in stature but huge in personality, and visitors will often find him up in the museum or gift shop, or curled up in a chair in the second-hand book room. Spingo is a very good boy.








Hugo & Nessie

Nessie belongs to Major Hugo White, the museum’s regimental historian.  Both are somewhat camera shy.
When she is not sleeping, Nessie has the largest appetite of the all the museum dogs, and utilises stealth and guerrilla tactics to take her chances with other people’s lunches. Nessie’s coup involving an entire sponge cake has gone down in museum history.  Even so, Nessie is a very good girl.

Hugo White and Nessie
Hugo White and Nessie
Museum dog Nessie
Museum dog, and secret cake agent

Deborah and Django

Deborah is a volunteer research team member at the museum. Django is the youngest and largest of the museum dogs, and despite his size he is a gentle giant. He loves chasing squirrels and rabbits and sleeping under the desk in the museum. Deborah gets a bit miffed, because it never seems to be her desk!

Django is the goodest of boys, having recently graduated from puppy school.

Deborah and Django
A proud moment for Deborah and Django, at Django’s graduation

Django - Museum dog at Cornwall's Regimental Museum




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