Bodmin Keep is a Plastic Free Ally

Plastic Free Pledge

Bodmin Keep, has been standing proudly near the centre of town for over 160 years. Built in 1859, the original army keep and has buzzed with military activity for generations. Now a museum, it inspires and connects young and old visitors with stories of ordinary soldiers doing extraordinary things.

Recognised as one of the finest Military Museums in the Southwest of England, the museum’s collection is housed in the Grade II listed building. The Keep was the home of Cornwall’s Military life for over 150 years, and still has original features such as the great stone staircases and original fireplaces. You can even experience our Cold-War era military police cell.

Although an old building it is a museum constantly moving forward and arming itself for the future. We take sustainability and climate change very seriously and want to be an ally for positive changes and a more sustainable way of operating.

We are now a plastic free ally of Plastic Free Bodmin

The Plastic Free Community network is working to free local communities from single-use plastics. They are tackling avoidable, throwaway plastic from beaches, rivers and green spaces.

It’s not about removing all plastic from our lives, it’s about avoiding single-use plastic and changing the system that produces it.

With our work with schools, youth clubs and care settings and in the community, we are in a position to lead in ways to reduce plastic and set good examples. Therefore, we commit to being a plastic free ally in Bodmin and will endeavour to make our organisation plastic free where possible.

We make the Plastic free pledge to:

  1. We offer free water bottle filling up at the museum.
  2. There is a tap in our staff kitchen and if a visitor asks a staff member, they can get their bottle refilled from the tap.
  3. We also offer free water in our coffee stop where visitors can use the glasses provided and fill from the refillable glass container.
  4. We stock compostable coffee cups in our ‘coffee stop’ area. We will encourage our visitors to use their own travel mug.
  5. We will provide jugs of fresh tap water for any community groups room hire and move away from bottled water for events. We will encourage all school visitors to bring their own water bottles which they can re-fill at the museum.
  6. We only use paper bags in the shop
Plastic Free Pledge
Plastic Free Pledge