LI Museum Roll of Honour

We rely on support from many individuals and organisations to enable us to do our work. 

This page lists the LI people who support the Regiment’s Heritage through regular giving or a single donation of £100 or more.  Thank you all – your support means a great deal to us!

You can join this Light Infantry Heritage Collection Supporters’ Roll of Honour by making a regular monthly donation of as little as £5 by visiting our online donations page here

ROLL of HONOUR of Current Light Infantry Heritage Collection Supporters

Simon Arliss
ET & IM Bell
David Beath
Tim Beath
T H Bewick
A D Brown
P A Chapman
R A J Chisholm
F P Cohen
A J Collyns
J & A Corner
R P Cousens
C P Cox
J De Labilliere
D Eddy
S & J Elliott
J A Faux
S C Firbank
PG & CE Garner
N P Gaskell
R Green
JR & E Heron
R & J Hooper
T N R Jackson
Nigel & Tina James
Major P Jevanson
P M Keville
O T King
B Lampard
I Macgregor
PR & KJ Marshall
J K Marsham
T J & DN Martin
MC D & C Montagu
H W Morris
SM & JP Morte
D & SM Nichols
SJW & FM Noble
R J Oakley
M E Orchard
W & J Pointing
R W Potts
J Simmonds
N D Thomas
N P S Thornton
M & C Thornton
R D Vellacott
M S R Vincent
T F L Weeks
T & A Welch
Major W H & C White
J M White
G & J Whitmore
Thomas Wigram
R M G Witherow
H & M Worth
D & J Wroe