35th Infantry Division

The 35th Infantry Division, formerly known as the 35th Division, was first organised on August 25, 1917, as a unit of the National Guard, with troops from Missouri and Kansas. It was deactivated in 1919, reconstituted in 1935 and activated again on the 23rd December 1940.

Diagram of the 35th Infantry Division structure


During the same period of time that the US 29th Infantry Division were preparing to leave England to set sail for the first Normandy Landings on D-Day, the 35th sailed to Europe on 12 May 1944. The 35th Infantry Division was intended to become one of the force build-up divisions following D-Day and the Invasion of Normandy.

Although only staying for a brief period of time, the 35th Infantry Division arrived in England on 25 May 1944 and continued training for combat. Billeted in Bodmin was the 110 Medical Battalion, 735 Ordnance Company, 137 Infantry Regiment and the 219 Field Artillery Battalion.

The 35th Infantry Division landed on Omaha Beach, on the Normandy, France coast, 7 July 1944, D-Day.

Soldiers of the 35th...